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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make FREE Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones

Gizmo Call

Make FREE calls quickly

Simply type into your browsers address bar.
(put the number you want to dial in place of 18005551212)

Make FREE calls to landline and mobile phones in over 60 countries by participating in the All Calls Free plan.

Users NEW to the All Calls Free plan get 20 minutes of free calling simply by getting ONE friend to sign up for a new Gizmo account. There are no commitments and no hidden fees.

Get Started Now!
1. Tell a friend to download Gizmo5 and have them add their phone number to their profile.

2. Add each other to your contact lists and you can call that person for FREE using Gizmo5.

3. Be sure to make at least 1 Gizmo5 to Gizmo5 call per week or your free minutes will expire.

Enjoy Free Calling.........

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