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Your comp can be hacked using ur electricity power line or even toilet pipe!WTF***??

Till now we have heard that hackers use phishing methods or install
trojans into the victims computer to record keystrokes and steal
account informations. There are numerous programmes and methods advised
to prevent such kind of attacks, most common of them are anti virus
programes and firewalls. Even a laymen person new to the world of
internet knows the do's and dont's to keep himself secure. Thus it is
getting difficult for the hackers to come out with new methods to play
with the privacy of their victims as people are getting more concerned
about their privacy.

Two independent researchers Andrea Barisani(Alias lcars) and Daniele Bianco(Alias danbia) at inverse path

came out with a security loophole in your keyboard, preferably ps/2 and
laptop keyboard, that can enable a hacker to record your keystroke by
just connecting to your power grid, and yes, no anti virus program or
any firewall could detect this kind of sniffing. The fact that the
vulnerability is caused due to poor standards of wires used inside the
cables of your keyboard, even an advanced computer user is vulnerable
to such attack. All the hacker requires to do is to get access to your
power grid and there is nothing you can do to prevent it with the
current hardware availability. This work of Andrea and daniele is
greatly appreciated and their presentation is invited to PH-Neutral,
Shakacon, BlackHat and DEFCON.

Lets understand what exactly is

this all about. Current keyboards, specially ps/2 and those used inside
a laptop use relatively cheaper homemade hardware insulation around the
tiny wires inside the main cable connecting the keyboard and the
computer. This is absolutely fine as far as we consider that these
insulation are enough for proper functioning of the keyboard. A normal
ps/2 cable consist of 6 pins with four of them carrying data, Ground,
+5 V current and clock, respectively. As the wires are very close to
each other and not insulated well, they cause leakage of information
from the data wire to the ground wire due to electromagnetic coupling.
The ground wire as well as the other cable shieldings are routed to the
main power adapter ground which is then connected to the power socket
and finally
the electric grid of the area. This eventually leads to
keystrokes leakage to the electric grid which can then be detected on
the power plug itself, including nearby ones sharing the same electric
lines. Now the ps/2 keyboards use very low clock frequencies as
compared to other computer components. While most of the measurements
inside the CPU is done in Mhz, the clock frequency of ps/2 keyboards
lies in 10 - 16.7 kHz range. Also the keystrokes are recorded i-bit at
a time. This makes the data routed from keyboard easily separable from
other clock signals after an deep analysis of the data recieved. The
hack can be done easily with any physical contact to the ground of the
victim with a piece of metal, like a toilet pipe, or even having access
to the same power line within the same building. It is believed that
USB keyboards are not affected by this attack as they use differential
signaling for cancelling the noise.


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