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Why you need strong passwords

Why you need strong passwordsIt can be tempting to use an easy-to-remember sequence like a birth date or cell phone number as a password. But don’t. Many systems have been broken into due to weak passwords, which are passwords that can be easily guessed or can be quickly decoded by a cracking program.

A password cracking program is a tool that runs through a list of possible passwords, one-by-one, until it hits on the right combination; it can process tens of thousands of different passwords in one second. The list of possible passwords the program uses can include commonly used passwords, dictionary words, and information specific to you, such as your birth date. Once your password is known, a hacker can tap into your private information and do all sorts of damage, ranging from reading your personal emails and creating fake postings on your profile page to robbing your bank accounts and stealing your identity.
Tips for creating a strong password4 Passw…

Recover Deleted Files on Mac with Disk Drill

Recover Lost data from your PC with Recuva

5 Free Programs to Backup and Restore Computer Drivers

After you format your Computer and reinstall Windows, the first thing you do is install all the device drivers. If you happen to lose your motherboard or driver’s CD, you will have to find all those drivers on the net and download them. If you want to avoid such hassle, then use these free utilities which can easily backup and restore Computer Drivers whenever you want. This can come quite handy even if you manage to lose the Driver’s CD or your system gets crashed.

1) DriverMax DriverMax is a great utility that allows you to take backup of all your Computer Drivers easily. Drivers can also be restored quickly and all this requires only a single computer restart. You can view all your Computer Drivers and export the ones that you want.
2) DriverBackup It is a light weight and portable driver backup tool. You can use it to backup all your drivers and the backed up drivers will be saved like a tree structure. The drivers can also be restored if you want or you can also delete unne…

Transparent Screen by Samsung

Samsung, a South Korean electronics company created a unique laptop.
When This laptop is powered off the laptop screen will be transparent, with 40% of light can penetrate from behind.

Samsung released this laptop in the end of 2010.

10 Business Uses for iPad

Before you buy an ipad, think about what it will be in your daily business. Now see the list below to give you a nice idea for what the ipad will used on you business days:

1. Give Presentations
Tired of lugging your bulky laptop around just to give presentations? With the VGA Adapter and supporting software, business users can make use of the much more portable iPad for this task. A number of software supports the VGA Adapter, such as the free Presentation App, or Apple’s own Keynote. Getting the presentation onto the iPad will probably require the requisite files to be synced in advance, though some of the presentation software supports alternative means of moving the files over. And unless you create the presentation on the iPad, you will probably want to first check that the transferred files display as expected.
As an added bonus, Apple has also promised a future update that will allow Keynote presentations to be streamed via AirPlay to an Apple TV.…

Secret shortcut for blackberry

There are some shortcut for blackberry that you might not know…

ALT-N-M-L-L : Show the signal strength in dbm

ALT-V-A-L-D (in address book): check inconsistency address book.

ALT-R-B-L-D (in address book): Rearranging the data structure in the address book.

ALT-Right Shift-Del: for soft reset your blackberry.

ALT-Left Shift-H: Indicates important technical information about HH (vendor id,platform,pin,IMEI,MAC,uptime,Signal Strength).

ALT-R-B-V-S>(In browser): Show source-code of web pages.

ALT-L-G-L-G: Show event log in system.

Just try it…