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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips to increase speed access internet

Maybe this tips will helpful for all,
knowledge:basically the windows OS(Operating System) has limited bandwidth for Internet connection as much as 20% of the total bandwidth should be maximum 100%.

Change bandwith setting on OS(Operating System) Windows Xp,Vista or windows 7.This step is very effective and safe, easy to start because the steps are very simple.

1.Click Start,then choose Run.
2.type Gpedit.msc then press enter,it will show confirmation and clik OK.
3.choose section Computer Configuration then choose folders Administrative Templates. the right side double click on folder network.
5.then double click QoS Packet scheduler.
6 after that double click Limit Reservable Bandwidth.
7.finally set Limit Reservable Bandwidth to Enabled and change Bandwidth Limit(%) to 0.
8.Click Apply then Ok.
9.Restart your computer.

Try it…it’s work..


  1. I have tried it.. No difference Dude....

  2. Thanks for ur comment. Please check the status on I have tried & it works.
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