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Monday, March 21, 2011

TringMe allows free direct WiFi/3G calls to Japan

BANGALORE, INDIA: In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, TringMe, the Peer to Peer communication platform, is  allowing its users to make direct WiFi/3G calls from its Blackberry application to Japan free till April 15th. TringMe's Blackberry application can be downloaded directly on the Blackberry devices from“Regardless of where you are in the world, a Blackberry user who has downloaded TringMe can make calls to their relatives and friends in Japan to express their support,” said Yusuf Motiwala, Founder & CEO TringMe. He further added, “As there will no call charges levied for TringMe’s direct WiFi/3G calls from Blackberry, we hope that this facility is not misused for  commercial or business activities, which may then make it possible for us to offer this  service for an extended period of time.”NEW DELHI, INDIA: With the leading IP telephony and mobile VoIP solutions provider Reve Systems delivering its mobile VoIP applications platform (iTel Mobile Dialer) to a leading Internet telephony service (ITSP) provider in India, the 500 million plus Indian mobile subscribers have moved closer to making cheaper international calls from their mobile phones.

With the advent of mobile VoIP applications, Indian consumers can have now access to the economics of using VoIP on their mobile phones. For example, while making a call to USA from a regular mobile phone costs anywhere between Rs. 7 to Rs 12 per minute, depending on the tariff plan, VoIP service providers in India offer rates as low as Re. 1 per minute to the same destination.

The delivery of Reve Systems’ proprietary Mobile VoIP dialers will enable the Indian ITSP to offer mobile VoIP services on any mobile network in the country. The name of the company was not disclosed due to non-disclosure restrictions.

How does Mobile VoIP work?

The mobile subscriber can download a mobile VoIP application, iTel Mobile Dialer, from Reve Systems to make calls to any mobile or landline at considerably lower rates, by subscribing to a package or buying a prepaid calling card from an Indian ITSP that offers VoIP services.

While the application is very light and easy to download, the user experience with iTel Mobile Dialer is the same like making a regular phone call from the mobile handset. And the mobile dialer application takes the hassle out of the remembering and dialing sets of numbers, by integrating with the phone book of the handset.

The Indian mobile users can now make VoIP calls which are cheaper on the pocket and can avoid clogged networks and dropped calls. It is expected that international long distance call users among the 500 million mobile users will look forward to use this service in the coming quarter.

Announcing this, Reve Systems’ global marketing head and country manager for India, Sanjit Chatterjee, said, “We are proud to catalyse the mobile VoIP adoption revolution in India, a service growing all over the world. With even mobile operators offering such services to differentiate from other service providers globally, Reve Systems has seen adoption of its platform in over 50 countries.”

“Reve’s mobile VoIP dialer is versatile, has easy user interface and built in VPN capability,” he added.

Reve’s flagship product, iTel Mobile Dialer Express, is the category leader in Mobile VoIP, enables service providers to offer seamless Mobile VoIP experience to end users.

Amongst the other products in the portfolio are billing solutions, end-to-end solutions for IP telephony players, VPN and switch targeting the VoIP industry.What is VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) allows conversion of analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. By doing this, the VoIP has the potential to use a typical Internet connection to make long distance calls worldwide for a fraction of what is charged by phone operators. For the payment of a small Internet service fee the users can bypass the phone companies entirely.

Traditionally, VoIP usage has been limited to those users who have a personal computer or any VoIP device, connected to broadband Internet. This limits VoIP penetration to users who are confined to home or office environment. Now consumers who own a mobile phone and have access to data using GPRS, 3G or WiFi connection, and they will be able to use VoIP to reduce their international calling rates.

Headquartered in Singapore, with development centers in Bangladesh and offices in India and UK, Reve Systems is a provider ofmobile VoIP applications and has innovative offerings in the other areas of VoIP solutions like billing, switches, virtual private network and others. Its flagship mobile VoIP product, the iTel Mobile Dialer Express, has been in use by more than 1200 switches across 50 countries.

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