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Change Windows 7 Manufacturer, Model No, Support Phone, URL and OEM Logo Image

We like the things around us in the way we want them. Same is true for our system. We change our desktop background, screensaver and other effects. We personalise every possible option in different interesting manners. But still we feel restricted when there are certain features which cannot be edited. Some of them are the details of the manufacturer and the support services we will be availing. These remains in the predetermined format. We have to update the data from time to time. So, to make this option possible for you I would like to present the utility called Windows 7 OEM Info Editor.
Windows 7 OEM Info Editor is a very small freeware of 78 KB only. It is a portable tool. It will be downloaded very fast and then you can change changes easily. The user interface has been shown in the snapshot below.

The tool helps you to make six changes:
  1. Manufacturer: Name the manufacturer as you want to.
  2. Model: Give a unique model name.
  3. Support Phone: The phone number you actually use for the support.
  4. Support URL: Enter the URL for your support.
  5. Support hours: The working hours or the actual hours you can avail the services.
  6. Logo Path: You can change the OEM logo. You can easily browse it with the help of the button given along with that.
Enter all the specifications as per your requirements. Click on Save as the final step for the editing you have done. This makes all the necessary details accessible to you very fastly and easily. You don’t have to face the old data and search for the essential one again and again. Now, your system has been personalised completely as per your requirements.

So, are you ready for the personalisation of your system? We have provided your various tools to make the required changes in windows 7. Some of them are like Seven OEM Info changer, change the desktop background and screensaver and there are many more tools suited according to your requirements. Make the desired changes and enjoy working with your system. The tool will surely help you to update the information very fast. So, now you can access the latest ones and no need to search for the details here and there.
As the name suggests Windows 7 OEM Editor OEM Info Editor has been particularly designed for all the versions of Windows 7 only.


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