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Monday, April 18, 2011

My New Blackberry Bold 9000

Hello Friends,

Ok, so here's a little post about my new blackberry bold.

No I didn't write this post using my blackberry, though I could use blogger mobile to do that. I just didn't want to type up a whole freaken post on my BB when I can use my computer. It's just a total waste of time. Even though I can type very fast on the bold, it's still not a computer keyboard.

I do love my bold, and I've been playing with it a lot. There's of course pros and cons of it.

This isn't really a total review, it's just some of things that I think after using it for a bit.

The pros are of course it looks fantastic. I just love how it looks and feel. I love the leather back. I love the really really bright screen. Of course it's not a touch screen, but that's the trade off with the keyboard. I tried the iphone keyboard and it's just not good. It's really hard to type and stuff on that. Though of course the good is that you get a bigger screen. But I think this screen is big enough for what I need.

I love the fact that the bold is push email, so I get a near real time notification of all my emails. That will come in really handy when I get auditions and such while I'm out. It works very well and gives it to me with multiple email address. So I can really email people back on a very very timely manner. In fact I just did that earlier today about a concert reminder by the host today. It was nice to be able to communicate using all three of my main accounts. I have others on top of those, but I only added those three to my BB. The others don't need adding.

I love my unlimited text so now I text like crazy.

I love the GPS on it. Google maps has a really cool function that lets your friends know where you are using a latitude program. Neato...except if someone you once were friends with decides to spy on you.

It also has MMS which is a big plus for me! Iphone doesn't apparently from what I heard.

I am sure there are lots of other pros on the technical side that I like but don't even realize them. I did have a random shutdown once which was annoying. Also SMS text had an issue once. Just little things like that.

It's a tradeoff, but it's all good. I am very very happy with my bold and I think I made the better choice for me. It's about business, not about entertainment. I need the push email function which is a big big plus. As long as I can work around the sync issue I am still ok.

Just thrilled about my BB Bold!!!!!!

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  1. Now I am having this Blackberry model mobile. It looks great. I also love my bold.


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