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Top 6 innovative keyboards

Bangalore: Keyboards are considered as the most alluring accessories of our PC's, tablets and smartphones. Various vendors have now flooded into the market with innovative and stylish looking keyboards. 

Here are some of the keyboards who looked different from its elite.

1. iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard It works wonders for almost any device that has Bluetooth. It has genuine features like full-size 18 mm spacing between keys which allows you to quickly type email, memos, or surf the web in optimum comfort. Its unique design allows it to easily fit in a pocket or purse, so you can take it everywhere, yet opens to a full size keyboard when you need it. It is compatible with pocket PC devices with integrated Bluetooth iPAQ 1945, 2215, 4155, 4355, 5100, 5150, 5450, 5455, 5550 and 5555 series models; Dell Axim x3 series models. It is also compatible with any pocket PC devices which has a Socket Bluetooth SD or CF card. It is available at a price of9000.
2. Wow-Keys by Omnio On…

Protect your Data, Passwords

By: Karan Bajaj & Hitesh Raj Bhagat
It’s hard to remember multiple passwords and keep sensitive information secure in this digital age. Whether you use a Mac, PC or smartphone, various free tools can help you with this by securing all passwords with a master password, encrypting data and securely wiping any sensitive info explain Karan Bajaj & Hitesh Raj Bhagat

Encrypt This 
Simply drag and drop the files/folders you want to protect onto the application’s icon. It will then ask you to set a password for accessing the files and then create a protected disk image of your content.
Get it from 
One of the simplest password managers for MAC, Pastor requires a master password to be set to access all the stored passwords and serial numbers. It even comes with a password generator.
Get it from 
Password Vault Lite
This app stores all your passwords online and safeguards them with a master password. It can also run from a…

Tips for computer security and to prevent viruses

You must run quality security software on your computers to protect your work and private data from viruses, spyware, and other security threats. When it comes to security, there is no substitute for quality. See below our recommended quality solutions. If any of the following is difficult for you, get an IT Expert to do it for you. You must do the following or risk all of your work/data being compromised (think of it as locking your front door):Get good anti virus software e.g. one of the below.
Recommended anti virus software:
- AVG - Our most recommended Antiv Virus software.
- Norton Anti virus
- McAffee Anti Virus
- Sophos Anti Virus

Be sure to regularly update your 'virus definitions' e.g. once per weekInstall a quality Firewall
There are many firewalls available, some good, some bad. Our recommendation is the FREE ZoneAlarm. They provide a paid version with extra tools (of course), but we think the free firewall-only option is fine. Its getting harder o…

How To Update Windows XP Offline

The American-British language based Heise website ( somewhat confusing to understand, but their script is useful and straightforward.

I have used the method many times, so I am providing a simple description on how to update your windows xp using c't update. Here are the quick steps.. 1.DownloadctupdateVersion 4.1 of  fromHeise's website. 2.Create a new folder and unzip the downloaded zip filectupdate41.zipto that folder. 3.Double click the file "UpdateGenerator.exe" from the extracted files, in the options menu choose "Windows XP", check "English" , check on "Create iso" for creating iso image of updates which you can burn on a cd. Now click start, this initiates the download of all required XP patches directly from Microsoft's servers. 4.When the script announces, "Download image creation successful," close the c't updater windows . 5.Now navigate to ..\ctupdate4\isofolder an…

Use System File Checker to Repair Missing or Corrupt Files in Windows 7

Did it happen to you that your computer failed to boot properly or after boot it flashed some warning message saying that your computer is missing some system file ? One of the reasons for Windows boot failure could be that some of the system files of Windows got corrupted due to hardware failure or other unknown reasons. The situation becomes worse if your computer automatically restarts and you lose all your unsaved data on the primary Windows partition. In this case you should check outSystem File Checker (SFC.exe)- it’s a command line system tool which scans your computer’s system files and figures out the missing or corrupted files and replaces the damaged or missing files. How To Use System File Checker To Fix Missing Windows System File1. First you need to run command prompt as an administrator. To do so, open start menu, typecmdin the search box, right click on cmd and select “Run as administrator”.
In the command prompt window, typesfc /scannowas a command and press “Enter”. It w…