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Best Android Apps & Games Of 2012

A collection of the best and our favourite Android apps available. This page will be updated regularly, adding new and better apps, so make sure to come back regularly to keep up with the latest apps. Apps and games are in no specific order whatsoever. We’d greatly appreciate it if you could also share this page! Social & Communication Facebook
Facebook Messenger
Trillian Entertainment, Music & Video BBC iPlayer
ITV Player
DoubleTwist Player
Remote for iTunes Productivity & Storage Dropbox
Google Drive
Any.DO Utilities & Tools AirDroid
Power Tools
DoubleTwist Alarm Clock
Weather Eye

How to Increase Your Tablet's Battery Life

How to IncreaseYour Tablet's Battery Life
Tablets such as the iPad and the Motorola Xoom may be on their way to replacing conventional computers. A 2011 Nielsen survey found that 35 percent of desktop computer owners and 33 percent of laptop owners reduced their PC use or stopped using them altogether after they purchased a tablet. Unfortunately, as your tablet becomes your go-to device, you must wrestle with the same problem laptop and mobile-phone owners have faced for years: extending battery life while getting the most out of the device. While tablets are relatively new, the batteries inside haven’t changed a whole lot since the mid-1990s.Improving the power consumption of a tablet is much like improving that of a mobile phone or laptop or even conserving energy at home: turn off what you don’t use, minimize the usage of features you do need and look for hidden features draining your battery.InstructionReduce your screen’s brightness. This single step greatly improves your batt…

Apple Maps glitch could be deadly: Australian police

Apple Maps glitch could be deadly: Australian police Agence France Press, December 10, 2012

Australian police Monday warned motorists about using the map system on new Apple iPhones after rescuing several people left stranded in the wilderness, saying the errors could prove deadly.

Victoria state police said drivers were sent "off the beaten track" in recent weeks while attempting to get to the inland town of Mildura, being directed instead to the middle of a national park.

"Police are extremely concerned as there is no water supply within the park and temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees Celsius (114 F), making this a potentially life threatening issue," police said in a statement.
Authorities said tests on the mapping system had confirmed that it lists Mildura, around 500 kilometres (310 miles) northwest of Melbourne, as being in the heart of the Murray Sunset National Park.
This is about 70 kilometres (43 miles) from its actual location.
Six motorists have b…

Prevent PenDrive Virus

:: Do the following  Steps::

1) Disable autorun/autoplay function of your pen drive.

2) Now plugin your pen drive and open any folder of your computer.

(Do not open any folder from ur pen drive.)

3) Now goto tools then select Folder Option

In that box mark the Show Hidden Files & Folders option.

Also Uncheck Hide Extension for known file types & Hide Protected OS files.

Now click apply and ok buttons and close that folder.

4) Now come to desktop.

On the Desktop, click on windows Start button and select Search for files & folders.
When the search dialog box appears on the screen, in that click on All Files & Folders, now click on More Advanced Options then select search Hidden files & folders.

Now go above & in Look In option, select your pendrive letter (For example E: Or G:)
and hit Enter.
5) Now if you see any unknown .Exefiles, simply delete them all.

10 Uses of Tablet

1. Web Browsing

Browsing the web on a tablet is a completely a new experience. With their light weight form factor and their touch screens, tablets excel at web browsing. Since the display is also bigger than a smartphone screen, you do not have to zoom-in or zoom-out to see the entire page. Touching the screen to scroll the page feels a lot more natural. The web browsers in tablets come with support for Flash, JavaScript and CSS.

2. eReading

One of the best applications for a tablet is as an eBook reader. Whether you are traveling on vacation or just commuting to work, carry every single book, magazine and newspaper you want to read. Don't be stuck with just one book; have freedom to choose from your entire library collection. From classical literature to the latest bestseller, from daily newspapers to special interest magazines, all this in a device that is thin and just as light as a regular book. eReading has never been easier. 3. Office

Single-handedly prepare and produce off…

Phablet Unboxing Video & Review

Xfab -- The fabulous Phablet

Specification :  5.2 Inch WVGA Capacitive Multi touch screen 1GHz Cortex A9 Processor with HD Video Playback & Adobe Flash support 512MB RAM Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Dual SIM/Dual Standby with 3G/2G (HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE, GPRS) Dual Cameras, 8 Mega Pixel Back camera with auto focus and flash. A-GPS, WiFi with HotSpot & Bluetooth with A2DP Connectivity FM Radio with RDS 4GB Internal Memory & 64GB Expandable (2*2800mAh) 1 Battery Free Proximity, Ambient Light, Compass, Gravity Sensor. Analog TV,Face unlock.
Price : Rs. 12490.

Installing Active Directory Domain Services (AD-DS) in Windows 2008 Server

Installing Active Directory Domain Services (AD-DS) In Windows Server 2008, unlike previous server operating Systems, there is an additional step that needs to be taken before running DCPROMO to promote the server to Domain Controller and installing Active Directory on it. This step is the installation of Active Directory Domain Services (AD-DS) role on the server. In fact, the AD-DS role is what enables the server to act as a Domain Controller, but you will still need to run DCPROMO the regular way. AD-DS can be installed in one of 3 methods: Method 1 – Server Manager/Initial Configuration Tasks Roles can and should be added from Server Manager (but they can also be initiated from the Initial Configuration Tasks wizard that auto-opens the first time you log on to the server). 1.OpenServer Managerby clicking the icon in the Quick Launch toolbar, or from the Administrative Tools folder. 2.Wait till it finishes loading, then click onRoles > Add Roleslink. In the Before you begin window, cli…