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Microsoft Surface Tablet: All You Need to Know

At a press event in Los Angeles on Monday, Microsoft pulled a rabbit out of the hat by announcing their own tablet line, Microsoft Surface.  Although mystery invitations were sent out weeks before the event, nobody had a clue as to what the press event was going to be all about. The market was buzzing with rumours about the Microsoft event, which was eventually put to rest when the Surface Tablet was unveiled.

While unveiling the Microsoft Surface, Steve Ballmer touched upon the history of Microsoft products. The unveiling was followed by a description about the hardware of the Surface by Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky.

Microsoft Surface will be launched in two variants, Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. Windows RT version will be powered by an ARM Chipset, whereas the Windows Pro will get Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge chips of 22nm running on Windows 8.

The Windows RT version is just 9.3 mm thick, weighs around 676 gm and will have a 10.6 inch ClearType HD Display. Microsoft has also included M…

Karbonn A9...The Perfect Mobile

Having 3.8 inch touchscreen and 5MP primary camera features, Karbonn A9 price in India is Rs. 9,199 at online stores like Flipkart. Karbonn A9 price is aimed to make it affordable to mid range price sensitive consumers. Karbonn A9 features 1GHz processor to ensure high performance and dual SIM which will enable users to save on their mobile bills. Karbonn A9 specifications are almost same as Karbonn A7 which is another upcoming mobile from Karbonn.

Karbonn A9 FeaturesKarbonn A9 price is well justified for its good quality features. Karbonn A9 features 5MP primary camera with dual LED flash which is rare to be seen in this price. Karbonn A9 camera will not only offer good quality images in day time but also equally efficient in night time. Karbonn A9 has 3.8 inch capacitive touch screen which will add new dimension to viewing experience. It is powered with 1GHz processor and built of Android 2.3.6 operating system which are quite fascinating to be seen on a mid range price mobile. SI…

How to Automate IP Switch in Different Network

Do you have different Wi-Fi or LAN connection settings at your home and office? Do you tend to change DNS settings often while browsing the internet? If you do have to configure your network connection settings on a regular basis, it should be safe to assume that doing it manually each time isn’t convenient. Opening the IP configuration windows take their own sweet time and then configuring all those IP and DNS address manually again and again can get really annoying. Today I will make life simple for all my friends who need to change their network card configuration often enough. NetSetMan is a simple Windows freeware that saves your frequently used network adapter connection details and then changes it automatically for you on the click of a mouse button. So let’s see how it’s done.
Download and install NetSetMan to get started. When you launch the application, you will notice that it provides six sets of profiles that you can configure. To start the configuration, click on Set 1 an…

Lets WATCH…Sony Smartwatch

If you thought Android was meant only for smart phones or tablets, think again. It’s open source nature has helped it transcend a variety of devices, small or big. The latest addition to the list being  Sony’s nifty Smart Watch which is supposed to be the perfect companion to your existing Sony Xperia device. It has Android on top of it but is merely a smartphone remote. This smart watch has touch screen with a 1.3 inch, 139ppi OLED display and a clip which you can place on a largely comfortable silicone wrist band. It connects to the smartphone via bluetooth. This smart watch is capable of retrieving all emails, SMS’s, Facebook and Twitter updates from certain apps on your Android 2.1 to 2.3 phone. ICS users have reported patchy functionality.
Design It measures 1.42 x 1.42 inches with a weight of about half an ounce.  It also has a large, sturdy looking clip to assist in attaching the watch to any apparel or belts. I have to admit, it does resemble the 6th generation Apple iPod Nano…