Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Uses of Tablet

1. Web Browsing

Browsing the web on a tablet is a completely a new experience. With their light weight form factor and their touch screens, tablets excel at web browsing. Since the display is also bigger than a smartphone screen, you do not have to zoom-in or zoom-out to see the entire page. Touching the screen to scroll the page feels a lot more natural. The web browsers in tablets come with support for Flash, JavaScript and CSS.

2. eReading

One of the best applications for a tablet is as an eBook reader. Whether you are traveling on vacation or just commuting to work, carry every single book, magazine and newspaper you want to read. Don't be stuck with just one book; have freedom to choose from your entire library collection. From classical literature to the latest bestseller, from daily newspapers to special interest magazines, all this in a device that is thin and just as light as a regular book. eReading has never been easier.
3. Office

Single-handedly prepare and produce office documents that can be viewed and shared with others at the most convenient time possible. The office editor makes full use of the touchscreen interface and gives you the same level of functionality that you see in a desktop. Develop spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files, and PowerPoint presentations in their original formats. You don’t need a computer to work on office documents any more.
4. Video Conference

Tablets front camera feature makes it perfect for video conferencing. It’s perfect for video conference with the press of a button. With Video Conference feature, you can conduct meetings from virtually anywhere. It's also the perfect way to catch up with faraway friends and family, the best way to send a smile.
5. Navigation

Most tablets have GPS and 3G connectivity and excellent navigation applications. Now you can navigate to your destination faster and safer than ever before. Be it on foot or driving - receive destination feedback in a method that lets you concentrate on situational awareness. Save time and energy by avoiding wrong turns, and bad directions. The portable tablet has spacious display perfect for finding your way around. Easily travels with you everywhere; pointing you in the right direction always.
6. Typing

The full-size keyboards on tablets are superbly comfortable to type on. For persons who like a lot of chat, email or social networking, a tablet is the perfect device due to its light weight form factor and compact dimensions. You even get keyboard docks for tablets, so you can plug it in and type on a more classical keyboard.
7. Gaming

Tablets are quickly becoming the new source for casual gaming. People who wouldn't normally play video games have now gotten used to gaming on touchscreens. Be it simple, pickup-and-play games such as, Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, or games with high quality 3D graphics. Simply put, you'll never be bored if you have a tablet.
8. Movies

Now you can watch anything, anywhere. Wherever you want to watch video – on a plane or train, or in an airport or coffee shop, your tablet is a highly versatile media center. What better way to unwind than by using your tablet's large screen to watch a few of your favorite movies in high definition?
9. Photo Viewing

We all love to look at and show off pictures with friends. Tablet offers you a boast value with a big high resolution screen. You can even edit the picture on the tablet using image editing applications or instantly share it using the Facebook or Twitter app. But best of all you can simply have a slide show of your favorite images running on the screen and the device kept on a table as a digital photo frame.
10. In-car Entertainment

Make your time in traffic more enjoyable. It is a great way keeping yourself entertained while your car continues to crawl. You also get accessories such as Car Headrest Mount Holder, which can be mounted behind the head rest of the car seat for the rear passengers to enjoy a hands-free viewing experience.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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