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Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Laptop OR Desktop (New isn't always better)

"Refurbished" sounds like a dirty wordto a lot of technophiles, but given the savings and hidden advantages, it's time to change your thinking.
Refurbished vs. usedThere's a difference between refurbished and used. Used means a product has been used for a significant amount of time by the previous owner. If they took care of it, you'll get a significant discount on a product in reasonable condition, but they're sold as-is, meaning, if the hard drive fails after a couple of months, you either have to fix it or write it off. Even if they're "fixed up," they're still used. A refurbished unit is one that was returned to the manufacturer or seller for some reason. They can no longer sell the unit as new, so they fix whatever was wrong (which isn't always a defect) and sell it as refurbished. There are several reasons a product could be sold as refurbished. Demo/floor model unitsBlogger/journalist review modelsItems damaged in shippingReturned (u…